An interpreter is proficient in both the original and the target language. It is also important to possess subject matter knowledge to ensure an accurate interpretation. In the medical field, to get to that level of expertise, it is recommended to become nationally certified.

As a Certified Healthcare Interpreter, my name is listed in the interpreter registry for the Commission Certificate for Healthcare Interpreters. Downloadable copies can be found here.

Since 2014, I have spent hundreds of hours interpreting in medical settings such us specialized clinics, hospice and palliative care, dental offices, gerontology, outpatient procedures, surgeries, inpatient care, and emergency situations, among others, at first in Omaha, and now in Los Angeles.


Translating into a complex language like Spanish is a task that only human translators can properly perform.

It is important to be fully bilingual and competent in translation. As a native Spanish speaker, I only translate from English into Spanish in the medical, financial, and legal fields. When working on a project, I focus on the target audience, the tone, and the vocabulary to provide top-quality work.

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