About me

I’m Daniela E. Obregón, English to Spanish Medical Translator.

This is the about me page for Daniela E Obregón, English to Spanish medical translator in Palliative Care and Oncology

I live in Los Angeles, where I have collaborated with local clinics and international translation agencies translating written documents, and I have also worked as a medical interpreter for the top pediatrics hospital in California.

I offer translation services for private clients and language service providers in the healthcare field to help provide the best care and written communication possible to the Spanish speaking community in the United States.

My goal is to help you bridge that cultural and language gap and to honor the patients and families’ rights to receive care and written information in a language that they understand.

I take my work with pride; I have established my business from the knowledge I gained from working in the front lines as a medical interpreter. I have a special interest for medical specialties that can be emotionally taxing and difficult, such as Oncology and Palliative Care. I have presented at local, regional, and national conferences about interpreting for Palliative Care, and I am conducting research around end-of-life communication. My work has gone beyond helping the Spanish speaking community, I also volunteer my time with Comunidades Indígenas en Liderazgo (CIELO) training interpreters of indigenous languages to make sure everyone receives the care they deserve.

With a Master of Science in Translation from New York University and several years working in the healthcare field, you can understand why I am passionate about medical translation and how rewarding this job is. The written communication with your patients should be as important as the oral communication. Let me help you with the translation of patient care information into Spanish.

Want to work with me?

Email me at info@danielaeobregon.