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Daniela Obregon - ATA ConferenceBorn and raised in Argentina, at the age of 20, I moved to the United States of America to pursue my education in translation and interpretation. After graduating from Southern California School of Interpretation, I became nationally certified by the Commission Certificate of Healthcare Interpreters as a Certified Healthcare Interpreter (CHI) in Spanish in 2014. I also received a bachelor’s degree from the University of Nebraska at Omaha in English with concentration in Language Studies, and a certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). At the same time, I  successfully completed a certificate in Specialized Translation from the University of California in San Diego – Extension, a program that offers high-level instruction and professional training. I completed a Master of Science in Translation from New York University that focuses on medical, legal, financial, and audiovisual translation.

I provide translation services from English into Spanish as well as interpreting services with high standards of professionalism. Working as an interpreter and translator since 2014 has given me the opportunity to experience different settings in the healthcare field, including disciplines like Palliative Care, Intensive Care, Dermatology, Oncology, Neurology, among others.

I have presented at national conferences about Interpreting for Palliative Care in Pediatrics to prepare interpreters for different sessions, especially those that are emotionally charged, while keeping in mind the importance of self-care, self-awareness, and the understanding of the subject.


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An interpreter is proficient in both the original and the target language. It is also important to possess subject matter knowledge to ensure an accurate interpretation. In the medical field, to get to that level of expertise, it is recommended to become nationally certified.

As a Certified Healthcare Interpreter, my name is listed in the interpreter registry for the Commission Certificate for Healthcare Interpreters. Downloadable copies can be found here.

Since 2014, I have spent hundreds of hours interpreting in medical settings such us specialized clinics, hospice and palliative care, dental offices, gerontology, outpatient procedures, surgeries, inpatient care, and emergency situations, among others, at first in Omaha, and now in Los Angeles.


Translating into a complex language like Spanish is a task that only human translators can properly perform.

It is important to be fully bilingual and competent in translation. As a native Spanish speaker, I only translate from English into Spanish in the medical, financial, and legal fields. When working on a project, I focus on the target audience, the tone, and the vocabulary to provide top-quality work.

To request a quote, please complete the form located in the Contact tab or send me an email at

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To request a free quote, please complete the following form or email me at


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“I have known Dani since she started working at CHLA. I was on her interview panel, and there was consensus from everyone on the panel to hire her! Dani brings positive and cheerful energy everywhere she goes. She also brings so much experience, and shines in every area of the hospital. Dani takes pride in her work, and maintains a balance of work ethic and compassion. She is a team player, and is always supportive of her teammates. She takes charge when needed and shows noticeable leadership skills. Dani is a pleasure to work with!”

Amani Zaki from Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

“Everything that you did for us was wonderful.  I think the process was very smooth and the final product was exactly what I wanted.”

Alicia from Nebraska Department of Insurance